History | Prince George Dome


The Dome (formerly known as the Roll-A-Dome) has a lengthy history in Prince George with providing venue and recreational services to our many friends of this community.


Built in 1955, the Dome was originally the Curling Club. Prior to 1952 the Curling Club lived in the basement of the Civic Centre in downtown Prince George. This provided to be a problem when Spring would roll around as it would often flood. It was decided by the community to move the Curling Club to a better location and our current location at the junction of Highway 16 and 97 was chosen. The Prince George community placed an order with a company in Kelowna in 1952 to have many of the materials needed for this new rink, pre-built and shipped. This was a community project that had a volume of volunteers helping where necessary and construction of the new Curling Club arena was an ongoing venture between 1953 to 1955. The Curling Club then expanded with an additional arena being built along side of it in 1965. This helped the Curling Club grow from 6 sheets of ice to 10.

In the summer of 1979 the Curling Club leased the buildings to the Work family, where they installed wood floors and began a roller skating and recreational business. Officially in 1980, the Roll-A-Dome opened its doors.  This trial run of the Work family leasing this space from the PG Curling Club went well and so Al Work continued to run roller skating for the community of PG.

The Curling Club left in the 90’s and when they did, that side of the building was set up as a permanent skateboard park with a ramp that was 40 feet long, 16 feet wide and 16 feet high! Along the way, there’s been all kinds of different activities held by all kinds of different people making all kinds of different memories for the City of Prince George. 2019 will mark 40 years that the Dome has been offering Prince George, and indeed, Northern BC, a centrally located, indoor venue with affordable rates; the original community centre.

The Work family has continued to keep this venue and the growth of it, community focused.  As The Dome evolves, this will continue to be the focus for years to come.