Point Leaders – 2019-2020 Master’s Div. Regular Season

The Canadian Brewhouse Ball Hockey League – Master’s Division – Regular Season – Point Leaders

Games played Tuesday evenings at the PG Dome(formally the Roll-A-Dome). 2588 RecPlace Drive. Prince George, BC, Canada. V2N 2S9. Games played on the big side(Side #1) of the PG Dome, plays most Tuesday evenings from 7-11pm.

updated to February 4th, 2020


2019-2020 Canadian Brewhouse Ball Hockey League - Master's Division - Regular Season Point Leaders

Jon LafontainePG Dome Selects3.36503432584
Greg PennellCollege Heights Pizza3.465528332483
Josh MauritsCollege Heights Pizza2.643135272566
Tyler WallaceCollege Heights Pizza3.92331831351
Jefferey DyrblomTeam XX1.81262162647
Andrew GarrisonTeam XX1.68271032237
Mike EngbrechtOilers2.77171901336
Matt WalshOilers3.50171891035
Hugh DelwoOilers1.70151932034
Fabio StancatiPG Dome Selects1.48231192334
Sobhnik ManhasCollege Heights Pizza5.3317150632
Jeremy CombaPG Dome Selects1.35229362331
Merv SkulshTeam XX2.00141691530
Nathan ZurowskiBlackhawks1.56121631828
Nick BuljevicCollege Heights Pizza2.08141301327
Sam SandhuPG Dome Selects1.50111691827
Chad GhostkeeperOilers1.231215182227
Darren WitalaOilers1.141311252124
Dino KhezevidOilers1.10167152123
Darrell FerreiraPG Dome Selects0.95183122221
Ryan FreemanCollege Heights Pizza1.05111032021
Stamat MaritsasCollege Heights Pizza1.00101132121
Jerrald ParentPG Dome Selects0.8671232219
Brandon BabcockCollege Heights Pizza2.251260818
Kim SawtellCollege Heights Pizza3.603150518
Mike BrineTeam XX0.95414191918
Collin WoodPG Dome Selects1.0061191717
Jordan KellyTeam XX0.8941291816
Dalbir DhaliwalCollege Heights Pizza1.0779241516
Ryan ShannonOilers1.609701016
Brendan BoylanTeam XX1.5010501015
Kenneth SharpPG Dome Selects0.759662015
Jeremy ThomasPG Dome Selects1.0010501515
Willfred DuncanOilers1.3612301115
Cris CosariuTeam XX1.4010461014
Ken BrewerTeam XX0.937631413
Nelson MarquesPG Dome Selects0.726761813
Manj SuranCollege Heights Pizza0.50211122613
Steve ChadwickOilers0.5757122112
Nik ShengilOilers0.526692312
Robbie LepineKnighthawks0.605762012
Evan PotskinOilers4.00840312
Wesley MitchellTeam XX1.22746911
Kyle FlannaganOilers0.926561211
Collin PayneOilers1.003731010
Shawn SpencerTeam XX0.716431410
Blaine FlundraHoney Badgers1.67466610
Keith UIothCollege Heights Pizza1.25730810
Jamie-Lynn WalshCollege Heights Pizza0.454662210
Ryan SamisPG Dome Selects1.1345389
Jay KhanTeam XX1.2936079
Kevan BrienenOilers0.82633119
Ryan RussellPG Dome Selects0.675312128
Rob DeolCollege Heights Pizza2.0017048
Sukh SuranCollege Heights Pizza0.281615257
Joe KerkhofTeam XX0.43420146
Josh SleckoOilers0.55420116
Jon SchulliOilers0.86151276
Chris PainterTeam XX0.43243146
Robert VuceticPG Dome Selects0.7515386
Shawn TurnerCollege Heights Pizza0.8013354
Scott CunninghamOilers2.0031024
Chris MagnisonCollege Heights Pizza0.7521043
Edward DaignaultCollege Heights Pizza0.6012353
Brad WesterguardTeam XX0.33302393
John FreidmenCollege Heights Pizza1.5012023
Dennis MasseyPG Dome Selects0.5021663
Harvey BahiaCollege Heights Pizza2.0011012
Jordan FOilers1.0011022
Derrick PollonCollege Heights Pizza0.10023212
Heath MathesonTeam XX0.3320062
Kimber CallendarCollege Heights Pizza0.5020042
Navid MathiscykPG Dome Selects1.0011322
Shane SikorskiTeam XX0.4002652
Al PattersonOilers0.2511682
Mario NastromaniOilers0.06010171
Jeremy SkulshTeam XX0.5010021
Lance YoungOilers0.5010321
BJ BarthPG Dome Selects0.04013241
Chris LawTeam XX0.07010151
Tyler(Team X)Team XX0.5001021
Jesse SandhuCollege Heights Pizza0.10100101
Derek LaiTeam XX0.2010051