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Airsoft Games

What is Prince George Airsoft?

Prince George Airsoft is a military simulation sport where players 18+ of age participate in mock combat with authentic military-style weapons. Unlike paintball, airsoft uses 6mm round BBs made of hard plastic. The “guns” used are full scale replicas of real world weapons. Prince George Airsoft runs indoor games every 2nd Friday from October to May then switches outdoors for May to September.

Indoor games are played semi-automatic only with every “gun” shooting under 400ft/s. When playing you must wear impact-rated safety goggles and some form of mouth guard. For a complete list of rules/regulations and to see event specific details, please check out our Facebook group:

Games are fast-paced, generally only lasting 2-5 minutes, and are full of adrenaline, excitement, and fun. Rental “guns” and equipment are also available for those who’ve never played before but wish to experience the action! Lastly, if you have any further questions, an admin on our above linked Facebook group would be more than happy to answer you!

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